Construcía interview

April 1, 2022

In recent years, with climate change becoming increasingly noticeable and with the COVID-19 pandemic reinforcing the importance of adopting a more efficient and sustainable life model, the concept of circular economy is gaining more and more strength. And in this sense, the construction sector cannot be left behind.
Circularity in this sector, based on the use of healthy materials, without toxicity, which can be reused as raw material once they have fulfilled their function in a building, is key to promote the change towards a sustainable construction, positive for the ecosystem and for the health of people.
Árima is aware of all this, therefore, has chosen Construcía to carry out the construction of Botánic, which will be endowed with the highest levels of sustainability, health, innovation and well-being.
Construction is responsible for 36,4% of the waste generated globally thus, to face this problem, the Lean2Cradel methodology used by Construcía, allows to optimize resources to the maximum and to generate nutrients instead of waste. Thus, Botánic has been built from healthy materials that can return to the soil once used, be reused or indefinitely incorporated in the production cycle, contributing to generate a positive impact in people´s health, the environment and the economy.