Interview with Enrique Álvarez-Sala

June 28, 2022

Society has experienced in recent years a profound social, technological and economic transformation that has led us to move towards more sustainable and responsible business models. Office buildings have not been an exception to this change.

Due to Covid-19, the demand for assets to reach the highest standards in terms of sustainability, well-being, technology, location, and quality has increased. In addition, it highlighted both the need to humanize workspaces, and the importance of such humanization in talent retention in these workspaces.

The architecture and design of Botanic, by the prestigious architecture studio Álvarez-Sala, has considered all these ideas and is based on four fundamental pillars: sustainability, health, well-being, and innovation.

Álvarez-Sala has provided Botanic with optimal qualities such as low environmental impact, great flexibility and the latest technologies in installations and equipment, shaping the building into a workspace focused on well-being for tenants and high provision of services.

Thanks to this, Botonic is the only building in Madrid that, in addition to having Leed Platinum, WELL GOLD and HEALTH & SAFETY energy certification, is designed focused specifically on the tenant. Moreover, contrary to other office buildings in its surroundings, the use of technology is integrated with the services and nature to enhance a unique, different, and outstanding building in many aspects.