Guillermo Fernández-Cuesta talks about Botanic

May 18, 2022

Árima’s philosophy is to create the most avant-garde and attractive workspaces in Europe, which promotes talent retention and sets a design trend for office spaces in the post-Covid era.

Botánic is an example of the type of repositioning that Árima carries out in its assets to transform them into Class A offices. Árima has applied the concept of a healthy office in the 10,000 m2 of Botanic. This concept extends beyond well-being in the workspace as it is based on four fundamental pillars: sustainability, well-being, health and innovation”.
Botanic goes beyond what is traditionally understood by an office building, because it integrates all kinds of services to be turned into a unique work experience. It is very efficient in costs for the future tenant, at the same time that it is a privileged space as it integrated the second botanical garden of Madrid.
For all these reasons, Botanic, which will be one of the few buildings in Spain to meet the LEED® PLATINO, WELL® GOLD and WELL® HEALTH & SAFETY certifications, is positioned as one of the best office spaces to promote the retention of talent for future tenants of Árima, with a maximum efficiency in the property management.
Nature is the common thread of the whole project, which even gives the name to the building. Botanic, Business like second nature.


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