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Legal notice and general terms and conditions governing use of the website

1.Legal notice and purpose of the website

These general terms and conditions governing use of the ÁRIMA REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, S.A. (“ÁRIMA”) website at (the “General Terms and Conditions”) regulate access to and the use of this website and the various pages from which it is formed (the “Website”). Users must read these General Terms and Conditions carefully, given that they accept their contents each time they access or use the website.

The service provider and the company that is responsible for the information on the website is ÁRIMA REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, S.A., a Spanish listed company, with Tax Code (NIF) A-88130471 and with registered office at Edificio Torre Serrano, C/ Serrano 47, 28001 Madrid, entered at Madrid Mercantile Registry, entry no. 1 on Page M-674.551, Sheet 131, Volume 37.876, Section 8. It was transformed into a limited company in a deed authorised on 26 July 2018, deed reference number 1,461, entered at Madrid Mercantile Registry, entry no. 3 on Page M-674.551, Sheet 131, Volume 37,876, Section 8. ÁRIMA can be contacted in either of the following ways: (i) at the registered office shown above; or (ii) by email at

ÁRIMA reserves the right to modify the way the Website is presented or structured and to suspend, interrupt or cease the Website’s operation at any time.


2. Use of the website

Unless otherwise indicated, use of the Website shall be free of charge, notwithstanding the connection costs that users are required to pay in order to gain access to the telecommunications network. The content and services found on the Website are offered solely to users over the age of 18, and their use is prohibited for any user who does not meet this requirement. Some content or services may also be governed by specific terms and conditions which, in the event of any conflict, will take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions (the “Specific Terms and Conditions”).

Users voluntarily and expressly accept that use of the Website is made at their sole and exclusive liability, and they undertake not to engage in any behaviour that may: (i) violate the law and/or the General Terms and Conditions or the Specific Terms and Conditions; harm the image, interests or rights of Árima or third parties; or (iii) harm, disable or overload the Website or prevent its normal use. In particular, users expressly undertake: (i) not to destroy, alter, disable or in any another way damage the information and programmes found on the Website; and (ii) not to introduce programmes, viruses, macros, controls or any another logic device or sequence of characters that causes or is liable to cause any kind of alteration in the IT systems used on the Website or by any third party.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All content (including the graphic designs, source code, logos, texts, graphs, illustrations, photographs, videos, trade names, trademarks or distinguishing marks and any other items shown on the Website) are the sole property of ÁRIMA or third parties unless expressly indicated otherwise.

Users are not granted any intellectual or industrial property right over the Website or any of the individual elements from which it is formed, and they are expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting, reusing or forwarding these elements or making use of them in any other way, using any medium or procedure, except in cases in which this is permitted in law or has been authorised by the owner of the rights in question.

Users may view and obtain a temporary private copy of content for their own exclusive personal, private and non-collective use on their own IT systems (software and hardware), provided that they do not do so for the purposes of engaging in collective, commercial or professional activities. The user must refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain content using media or procedures other than those which have been made available to them or are indicated to this end, or those that are normally used on the Internet (provided that these do not involve any risk of damaging or disabling the Website). Users must at all times respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights that pertain to the Website, whether these belong to ÁRIMA or to third parties.

4. Hyperlinks and linked websites

This Website may contain links or references to other websites. ÁRIMA does not assume any responsibility for the contents of third party websites and it shall not be held liable for any damage or harm that may be caused by their contents.

Any party wishing to include a link or reference to this Website must contact ÁRIMA in order to obtain its prior authorization. The establishment of such a link will not imply any kind of agreement, contract, sponsorship, or recommendation from ÁRIMA regarding the page offering the link. ÁRIMA may withdraw the aforementioned authorization at any time, without being required to give any reason. In that event, the link must be immediately removed from the site on which it is included as soon as notification from ÁRIMA is received.

5. Exclusion of guarantees and liability

ÁRIMA does not guarantee that the Website and the services and content offered will remain available and continue to function, nor does it guarantee that the content shown on its Website is up-to-date, and it shall be exempt from any liability for damage of any kind that may result from the foregoing circumstances.

ÁRIMA shall take the action required to correct any errors, re-establish communications and/or update the Website’s contents, so long as there are no circumstances that make this impossible or difficult to achieve.

Furthermore, ÁRIMA does not guarantee either the technical reliability of its Website or access to its various pages, and it is similarly exempt from any liability for damage of any kind that may result for this reason.

In addition, ÁRIMA shall not assume any responsibility for potential errors or security defects that may arise as a result of the use by users of a browser that has not been updated or is insecure, or as a result of any damage, error or inaccuracy that could arise from the improper functioning of the browser in question.

With the aim of reducing the risk of viruses being introduced onto the Website, ÁRIMA uses virus detection programmes to control the content shown on its Website. However, ÁRIMA does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that are introduced onto the Website by third parties unconnected with ÁRIMA and that may alter the physical or logical systems of users or the electronic documents or files stored in their systems. As a consequence, ÁRIMA shall not be liable under any circumstances for damage of any kind that may result from the presence of viruses or other elements that could cause alterations to users’ physical or logical systems or their electronic documents or files.

ÁRIMA adopts various protective measures to protect the Website, the data collected via the Website and its content against IT attacks from third parties. However, ÁRIMA does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will be unable to access the way in which users use or browse the Website or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which this may occur. Therefore, ÁRIMA shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage that may result from such unauthorized access.

ÁRIMA shall not be liable under any circumstances for the use that users and/or third parties may make of the Website or its content, or for any damage that may result from such use.

6. Personal data

Users’ personal data may be collected via the Website. The processing of this personal data will be governed by the contents of the Privacy Policy

7. Cookies

This Website uses “cookies” (files that are downloaded to a user’s computer/smartphone/tablet upon accessing certain websites in order to store and retrieve information relating to the way in which the website is browsed from the device in question). All the information on the cookies used on the Website can be found at the following link: Cookies Policy

8. Assignment

These General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions may be assigned, without the user’s consent, to any third party that acquires all or part of this Website or the business to which it relates.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by common Spanish law, and all disputes shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, unless otherwise established in the applicable legislation.

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