Sello Leed Platinum


Edificio LEED® Platinum, WELL™ Gold y WELL™ Health & Safety

Designed to lead the way in health, well-being and performance.

Edificio Fachada Botanic
Sello Leed Platinum

Botanic is being fully renovated between 2020 and 2021 and is expected to receive the LEED® Platinum, WELL™ Gold and WELL™ Health & Safety certifications.

Natural light, beautiful views, clean air and stable temperatures. A number of studies have found that buildings with these certifications promote employee health and wellness, helping increase occupant satisfaction and productivity, reduce absenteeism at work and improve a company’s image.

“An emphatic and recognisable image in conjunction with a more sustainable renovated façade are the calling cards of a new building aspiring to be one of the most important office buildings in

– Enrique Álvarez-Sala, Architect.

Lobby Edificio Botanic
Botanic has a spectacular 200 m² lobby with an area reserved for its occupants.

Differential value.

Botanic is more than just an office: it is a wellness space designed for its occupants.

The building provides an optimal environment for concentration, but also for reconnection. Spaces to stop and breathe. A different way of working together, with meetings in the garden or events on the large terraces. An office designed to improve its tenants’ quality of life.

Technical Specifications
Edificio Botanic - Entrada invitados

Botanic cuts visitor waiting times by 90% thanks to an innovative digital platform designed by Árima.

Edificio Botanic - Jardín

“Pathways guide us through a natural landscape, where a series of tableaux invite us to take in the changing of the seasons and the reflections in the water, leading to open spaces for coming together or simply being.”

– Isabel Pallarés, Landscape Designer.

Wraparound garden.

Designed by the prestigious Landscape Designer Isabel Pallarés, the Botanic garden strengthens the building’s connection with its interior spaces and encourages informal meetings.

Edificio Botanic - Invernadero

Botanic features three greenhouses, each with a different theme: orchids, aromatic plants and the bonsai nursery.

The perfect spot for meetings, breakfast, lunch or dinner… A gardener will be on-site to swap tips with the green-fingered.

Edificio Botanic - Invernadero
Edificio Botanic - Vista plaza
Edificio Botanic - Vista plaza

“From the interior lobby we look out over a unique landscape, where water sparkles in circular forms connecting with the central plaza. The result is an image that will be forever linked with this remarkable working environment.”

– Isabel Pallarés, Landscape Designer.

Edificio Botanic - Gimnasio

State-of-the-art facilities, terracing, seminar rooms and fully equipped changing areas.

Edificio Botanic - Cabina Gold

Gold Rooms for executives, with prior booking.

Edificio Botanic - Cabina Gold

Fully ventilated restaurant area with covered terracing.

Edificio Botanic - Restauración
Edificio Botanic - Área clientes

Located on the fourth floor, they provide a unique space for visits.

Edificio Botanica - Restauración
Edificio Botanic - Auditorio

One of the areas can be converted into an auditorium for events and conferences. Direct access to the restaurant area for catering via a service lift.

Edificio Botanic - Terrazas

10 terraces distributed at different levels, offering some 1,000 sqm of outdoor space.

Edificio Botanic - Oficinas

Open-plan floor plates of up to 1,929 sqm and a free height of 2.8 m.

Botanic has large spaces with high clearance designed to ensure complete freedom when it comes to arranging the space. Thanks to the modular architecture of its floors, Botanic is the perfect space for any company seeking a bright and flexible setting.

In addition to abundant natural light and an open panoramic view over the garden thanks to its cutting-edge fully glazed façade, the building will have temperature, humidity, odour and light control that can be individually regulated in each area and customised for every tenant.

Technical Specifications
Edificio Botanic - Oficinas

Option for split-level configuration with the addition of internal staircases.

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