Innovation consultant Opinno interview

July 21, 2022

Technology and innovation are rising values in premium office rental. Even more so in the post-Covid world, in which it has become evident the importance of real estate to be not only sustainable but also technologically advanced to motivate and facilitate the return to face-to-face work.

Technology is one of the pillars of Árima’s corporate strategy, therefore, along with sustainability, health and wellness, the company relies on innovation to provide its tenants with an improved experience of use in its buildings.

To this end, Árima has joined forces with the global innovation consultancy Opinno, to develop technological platform for Botánic, from which all its services can be enjoyed virtually and in a differential way by adding a digital component in their use and booking.

Thus, due to the technology developed in Botánic’s, it allows great possibilities, starting with the reservation of any space available, to accessing the building’s information or ordering your menu from an application. This makes Botánic an ultra cost-efficient building.

For example, this digital platform reduces by 90% the waiting time at the access control in Botánic’s lobby for visitors check-in. It is a technology-based experience that facilitates the boarding of airplanes for visitors to access it in the most agile, comfortable, and safe way possible.

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