Aire Limpio interview

April 22, 2022

One of the great concerns of companies looking for a change of headquarters is how to preserve their employees’ health in the work environment. A concern, which, with the gradual return to face-to-face work in offices after the pandemic, has only increased its strength.

Historically, Árima has always applied strict air quality parameters to all its properties, making the health concept one of the pillars of its corporate strategy.
Botanic has been equipped with one of the most advanced air treatment systems equivalent to those used in hospitals and airplanes.
It consists of filtration and purification systems by photocatalysis and active polarization systems, which through powerful F7/F9 filters remove the smallest particles, microorganisms and VOC compounds in suspension from the air by up to 98%. These systems are especially appropriate to treat the airflow of ventilation systems and air conditioning equipment to reduce the risk of contamination by chemical compounds and microorganisms.
A technology, which, in addition to being sustainable due to its lower consumption, allows the permanent renewal of air in the building.
This system also allows air quality monitoring, which offers continuous real-time measurement of CO2 levels, temperature and humidity, among others. Its interface can be displayed on screens, mobiles, computers, etc.
The development and implementation of this innovative air purification system has been carried out by Árima’s partner, the company AIRE LIMPIO.