Nature in a botanic garden

May 25, 2022

In recent years there has been an evident change in the way office buildings are designed and constructed, where nature has been put on the spotlight and a cornerstone in the well-being of tenants. A well-being that Árima has placed at the center of its strategy as a company.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated greater awareness about our fragility our environment, increasing everyone’s concern for our health and well-being and giving greater value to open spaces and nature.

This post-Covid well-being trend is already a reality in Botanic, one of the best places to work in Europe. Nature being its main common thread, Botanic is the only office building with its own botanical garden in Spain.

Plants not only favor the environment, but also provide great benefits to people. In addition to retaining the dust in the air, and releasing water vapor that refreshes and moistens it, many plants enhance manual skills, relax the mind, reduce stress and are even noise reducers, generating an ideal environment to work.

For this reason, Botanic has a botanical garden of more than 2,500 m2 – the second largest in Madrid – in which more than 95 trees have been planted and which includes plant species from all over the world.

To make this oasis in the middle of Madrid a reality, Árima has worked with the firm PALLARÉS COSTALES, and has been designed by the renowned landscape architect Isabel Pallarés, who for three decades has been responsible for 250 prestigious landscapes.