A unique combination of talent and experience.

Projects like Botanic are few and far between.

Led by Árima, a SOCIMI (similar to a REIT) with nearly thirty years of experience creating offices in Madrid; design by the firm led by Enrique Álvarez-Sala; environmental assessment by Homu Welltech; and landscape gardening by Isabel Pallarés.

An unparalleled collaboration that is embodied in Botanic's unquestionable quality and status.

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Árima Real Estate is a SOCIMI listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, mainly investing in Madrid offices in line with a strategy focusing on value creation. Árima identifies, purchases, renovates and manages real estate assets for their subsequent leasing.

Edificio Botanic - Árima

E.A.S. Architecture


E.A.S. is a Madrid-based architectural firm led by Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walther, who has more than thirty years of professional experience. Over the years, and under the name Rubio & Álvarez- Sala, it has built high-profile projects like the Torre PwC; the Madrid Río urban works in cooperation with Burgos & Garrido, Porras & LaCasta and West8, and the Indra offices in Alcobendas and Barcelona.

“The building has an imposing presence, both from far away when approaching Madrid and from up close when entering it.

The structural effort made at the time to construct the building is and must continue to be one of its main values.

Softening the language while trying not to alter its magnitude is definitely the right plan both economically and formally. Creating a more serene image without losing sight of it when approaching the city marks a clear commitment to achieving an iconic and easily recognisable building.

A new landscaped patio overlooked by the upper office floors will be a centralised space serving as the heart of the new building.”

– Enrique Álvarez-Sala, Architect.

Isabel Pallarés


Specialised in Mediterranean gardens, Isabel Pallarés has led a team of professionals for the past three decades, undertaking the design and execution of all types of gardens and urban landscaping projects.

Edificio Botanic - Isabel Pallarés
Edificio Botanic - Isabel Pallarés


BOTANIC Visual Content: Concept, 3D Images and Videos.

ARCHIMIA is a creative communications firm specialising in Prime Real Estate and the most extraordinary architectural projects.

It strives for innovation and uniqueness, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in each and every one of its projects by applying a 360° analytical, creative and artistic method.

After 20 years as a leading firm in Spain and abroad, ARCHIMIA is passionate about what we do, which is why every project we undertake becomes a new success story.

HOMU Welltech

Health and environmental impact assessment

HOMUproject is a company comprised of a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the real estate sector.

It has vast experience in advanced building engineering combined with expertise inmarket demand. HOMUproject will be recognised by the US Green Building Council as a LEED Proven Provider.

“The Botanic building space has an important influence on organisational health, and it serves as a powerful tool for the talent and physical, psychological and social well-being of its occupants.

Homu Welltech conducted a health impact assessment, focusing on air quality, water quality, informed decisions about food, the effect of light on sleep and concentration, acoustic and visual comfort, and biophysical connection.

The health impact assessment tool chosen was WELL, created by the Well Building Institute. Sustainability criteria were assessed through the LEED certification from the US Green Building Council.”

– Homu Welltech



Los Angeles-based CBRE is the international leader in real estate consulting and services. It has a staff of over 80,000 professionals working in 450 offices (not including affiliates) in 111 countries.

The company is a world leader in real estate services with a global presence focused on generating profitable business opportunities and creating surprising work spaces where users can bring their aspirations to life. In this way, it helps build a better tomorrow for its clients, employees and the environment.

“With demand growing every day, it is an honour for CBRE and JLL to participate in Botanic.

We believe in the need to modernise Madrid’s office buildings to attract better companies, and BOTANIC will be a benchmark thanks to its outstanding design, sustainability, efficiency, wellness and more.

It will be the window of visibility and representation for its occupants, adding value and productivity to their businesses.”


Edificio Botanic - Messer Faden
Edificio Botanic - Messer Faden

Messer Faden

Design and Art Direction

We like to think about making things better, more relevant and more beautiful.

We create powerful brands that can foster significant connections with people. We have a young team that shares our passion about the meaning of things, their form and their function.


Árima Immersive Room

Wildbytes is an experiential innovation agency that designs and produces innovation-based product launches and events, experiences in retail spaces, and cutting-edge digital technology installations. Surprise, curiosity, amazement, the impossible: these are Wildbytes's true motivations and the elements that are deeply rooted in its DNA.

Through careful conceptualisation and a planned content strategy, its projects are designed to go viral quickly, creating unique moments that the public will want to share and that will have a major impact on social and traditional media.

Edificio Botanic - Sala Inmersiva
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